The Canal –
Bury Arm

The Bury arm remains high on the hillside above the Irwell gorge, supported by massive retaining walls. This led to numerous problems, principally the famous 1936 breach which closed much of the canal. After 200 yards the path descends into the breach, as the towing path and half the canal was swept into the valley below.

This arm has an almost complete set of quarter-milestones, from 8 at Nob End to 11¾ at Elton; only two are missing.

Beyond the first bridge a shed formerly stood over the line of the canal, but the paper mill below has recently closed. Shortly beyond, the canal is again in water and remains in water to Elton. The next bridge marks the site of Ladyshore Colliery, closed in 1949.

Next to milestone 9 is the steam crane which is the Society’s logo, once used to lower goods into Mount Sion Mill below.

After passing through more countryside the canal enters Radcliffe, with several mills alongside. The canal is blocked by the lowered Water Street Bridge, but continues in water beyond.

The canal again follows a rural route towards Bury, with a recently improved towpath surface. Elton Reservoir, the canal’s water supply, is soon visible. After milestone 11¾ the canal is infilled. It originally went under Daisyfield Viaduct to Bury Wharves.

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