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Meccano Bridge

We began work on preparing the abutments for the new Meccano-style bridge, designed by artist Liam Curtin, on 20th October 2012. Work proceeded smoothly, clearing the vegetation, and then the brickies came on site to rebuild the south abutment. The scaffolders came on site several times, raising the scaffold in stages. We then dug out inside both abutments and filled in with several tons of cement on each side. The brickies continued to build the four wing walls, leaving space to get the bridge in place.

The big day was 8th December, 2012 when we started to build the Meccano bridge itself; it took exactly the four days we had anticipated, but then we had to wait for warmer weather to lower the bridge onto its supports, which happened on 15th December. After that we built the wings walls up to the bridge, put in setts and stone to form approach paths, and built and installed the picnic tables (also in Meccano-style). We also created two garden areas, installed an interpretative sign and a bridge plate. A monumental milestone 8, designed by Yolande Baxendale, was also installed.

The Grand Opening was held on Saturday 6th Apri,l 2013 in glorious weather, complete with a ‘toy’ Meccano exhibition and a brass band.

Above: The Meccano Bridge Construction Team with the                Above: The MBBCS Chairman, Paul Hindle, on the Meccano
designing artist Liam Curtis                                                                                                                                                         Bridge


Tom Jeffs has produced a video showing the bridge which can be viewed below:


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