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The Big Dig – September 2016
The Big Dig - 4th lock down - photo
Above: 4th lock down
The Big Dig - 4th lock down - photo
Above: 4th lock down
The Big Dig - Prestolee Locks - photo
Above: The whole flight
Prestolee Locks - photo
Above: The whole flight
Prestolee locks - photo
Above: The top

Working Parties

Upcoming Working Parties

See Work Party Photos page for photos of Working Parties

Work Party Saturday:

We are planning a work party on Saturday (14th May). We will be working at the locks at Nob End and focusing our efforts around the Old Sluice. Our eventual plan is to bring this sluice back into full time use but we need to excavate the channel first.

Work will also include clearing the overflow from the bottom basin, removing undergrowth from the bed of the canal, litter picking, some gardening and possibly some fencing.

Subject to Covid, we will be aiming to start for 10am and finishing at roughly 4pm. Make sure to bring warm clothes and good boots as well as your own food and drink as we cannot provide these.

The address of the site is Prestolee Road, Little Lever, Bolton, BL3 1AD. The best place to park is nearby Boscow Road as there is no parking at the locks.

We hope to see you all soon!

The following month the work party is planned to be 11th June.

After that the next official work party will be 10th September but there may be extra work parties depending on weather and availability so watch this space and check our Facebook pages.

What is a Working Party (WP)? 
Well, ‘work’ they aren’t, 'fun' they are. They’re a great way for everyone to pitch in and make a difference to our local canal. Unless it’s snowing or raining hard, they are really enjoyable and we always get a lot done. It’s surprising how many walkers, runners and cyclists stop to chat and congratulate us on whatever we are doing.

Flyer & Joining instructions: these can be downloaded here.

What sort of things get done on WPs? 
Is there something I can do?
Have you seen the Meccano Bridge? Well, most of that was built by volunteers.

  • Re-building and re-mortaring walls
  • Vegetation control
  • Putting up signs
  • Re-laying cobbles
  • Repairing fences

You name it, we do it…

When and where are they?
Usually once a month, over a weekend.

We work anywhere work is needed, whether it is on the Bury,
Bolton or Salford arms of the canal. We have a work plan which we
update regularly. 

Have you got an idea for a WP where you think work needs doing? Please let us know.

Dates and locations are posted at the top of this page, on our Facebook page, or by contacting us:
Join us on Facebook.

Can I just turn up? Do I have to be a member of the Canal Society?
Yes, you can just turn up but it will help the Working Party Officer if
you notify him beforehand, for job organisation (and providing brews!) and you don’t need to be a member of MBBCS (although we would love you to join of course). Young, old, male, female, new to the area or lived nearby for years, eve
ryone is welcome.

What do I need to bring with me?
Enthusiasm, food, suitable clothing, gloves and sturdy boots – and
that’s about it. You don’t need any specialist skills, but if you have
some, then that’s great.

Brews, food, loos and tools….
Please bring something to eat with you. We will supply brews and biscuits – and sometimes cake and chips are on offer!
Most of our work locations don’t have loos available on site, but pubs and cafes may allow you to use theirs, if a public loo isn’t nearby.
We supply most tools, but if you want to bring your own, please do so.

Do any other groups work on the canal that I can get involved with?
Yes, lots of different groups work with us along different stretches of
the canal, such as the Canal & River Trust, Bolton Wildlife Trust,
Conservation Volunteers, and the IWA’s Towpath Taskforce. These
groups are often out during weekdays so if this suits you better than
weekends, contact us and we can put you in touch with them.

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